Students take their learning to the outdoors

Shown here are the 5th grade students being led on a trust walk

Itâ??s something of a rite of passage that Horace Mann and Eisenhower 5th grade students look forward to all year long.

For two days and one night, students get to attend science camp and this year it was a Forest Lake camp where they learned survival skills, first aid and orienteering.

â??A lot more stuff that you can do out here than in the four-wall classroom,â?? said Tyler Tucker, 5th grader.

One of the activities students got to participate in was a trust walk through nature where they realize just how important their eyesight really is.

â??We are going to do a blindfold where we go off and walk and try to see the nature and hear and see we can do,â?? said Maddie Brechon, 5th grader.

Students were taught first aid by Ottumwa Regional Paramedics which gave the kids the confidence to be able to perform those skills if ever need be.

â??We got to use 4x4 gauze and we got to use this wrap and we had a partner and in case someone ever got hurt or scratched or something. We practiced on wrapping it around your arm so in case of an emergency and someone would want your help, you would know how to do it,â?? said Jillian H., 5th grader.

For some of the teachers, science camp is extra special.

â??And actually, we both were able to be at science camp when we were in 6th grade and now it's a 5th grade experience. And then we have some high school counselors that have been at camp that we invite back to be their counselors and actually spend the night in the cabins with them. And so they build those relationships with the students that are high achievers and great kids too,â?? said Tracy Meister, teacher.

Science camp is sure to be a lasting memory for those 5th graders that are about to take the next step into middle school.