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      Study: Toddler meals loaded with salt

      Many packaged meals and snacks marketed toward toddlers have more than the recommended amount of sodium per serving. According to several studies, more than 75 percent of toddler meals and snacks have high sodium content which leads to high blood pressure in children.

      Now, these findings are only linked to prepackaged foods for toddlers like mac and cheese, pizza, among others meals and snacks.

      Dr. Wesley S. Ryle, M.D. at A.T. Still University said feeding your toddlers fresh foods is the best alternative.

      "Alternatives to the high sodium pre-packaged food would be basically fresh foods," Dr. Ryle said. "Also foods that are not already packaged for kids. Fresh produce, fresh meats, simply avoiding things that are already cooked in a good general rule and avoiding things that are already packaged is a good general rule."

      Ryle encourages parents to prepare food for their toddlers without the extra salt. He says meals typically contains preservatives, salt being one of them.

      "It's been known since the 60's that excess sodium in children can be associated with hypertension. So its really nothing new here, it's just kind of a wake up call for us again," Dr. Ryle said.

      The high sodium content is only in prepackaged toddler meals, and does not apply to jarred baby foods.

      Researchers say pureed baby foods are generally not high in sodium and are fine to feed to infants.

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