Stuff You May Not Know About Groundhogs

Groundhogs as weather predictors: Before the National Weather Service started in 1890, farmers did not have a scientific way to predict the weather, so they left the forecasting to the plants and animals. Many established ways of weather prediction that farmers used have long been considered old wives' tales or animal folklore. Though scientists donâ??t always agree with this method, many people still use it as a way to predict the weather.

Fun facts:

  • Groundhogs day is the yearâ??s most watched weather forecast

  • The groundhog is the only animal with its own national holiday

  • The groundhog is actually a rodent and the largest member of the squirrel family

  • One of Missouriâ??s most widely distributed animals

  • They are true hibernators

Groundhog Day this year is Saturday, February 2nd.

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