Successful MSAE alumni gives commencement speech at school

At Sunday's Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment graduation, graduates were treated to a commencement speech from one of its most esteemed alumni.

Puki Freeberg was recruited by David Lynch to teach transcendental meditation in Los Angeles.

She first met Lynch on Christmas day right after graduating from MSAE.

The meeting was coordinated by Bob Roth, Executive Director of the David Lynch Foundation, and close friend of Lynch.

She received a persuasive phone call from Lynch right before graduating from Maharishi University of Management.

"And I totally would have blown it off," said Freeberg. "But he said no Puki--I told him I'd think about it--he said no Puki you'll do more than think about it. And then it just became really clear--that was the next step, that was the right path, and within a year I had graduated from MUM, become a TM teacher, and moved to Los Angeles to start our first program with the David Lynch Foundation."

The first program she started in Los Angeles was teaching TM at a sheltering school that rescues children from prostitution.