Successful year for Wapello County United Way's community garden

This was the first year for Wapello County United Way's Community Garden

The Wapello County United Wayâ??s first year of its corporate community garden has been very successful according to those that have been closely involved in it.

Currently, volunteers are in the process of cultivating the vegetables and making deliveries to the Lordâ??s Cupboard food pantry twice a week.

Those at the United Way said they have learned a lot in the first year and plan to make some changes for next year.

â??Instead of every plot being what the organization chooses, we're going to coordinate the garden so that each plot has a specific thing or vegetable in it that the pantry's need. Also next year, we're going to be expanding into other neighborhoods. We're looking at expanding into the neighborhood near the YMCA on Ellis Street. We're also looking at going up on North Clay,â?? said Marie Zoromski, Community Impact Associate at United Way.

Zoromski said sheâ??s most proud of the community support and time and effort that volunteers have put into the garden producing fresh produce that is going directly into the hands of local people.

If you would like to get involved with the community garden you can call United Way at (641) 682-1264.