Suffering in silence with depression

      Beloved comedian Robin Williams had been battling addiction and depression for many years before committing suicide on August 11.

      It has left many to wonder if depression is a silent killer.

      According to the Centers for Disease Control, one out of 20 Americans ages 12 and over suffer from depression.

      There are a range of causes that can lead someone to depression including genetics, life changes or traumatic situation. Stats show that about 90-percent of people who suffer from depression do talk about it while the other 10-percent just keep themselves in the dark.

      "A lot of times they do give off verbal cues. A lot of times there is some concern of people who are seriously depressed almost like they decided it is what they they're going to do and they are at peace with that. A lot of times, people can really suffer in silence," said Angela Caraway of Mark Twain Behavioral Heath.

      The main symptoms of depression can range from sleeping to changes in eating habits or a sense of hopelessness. Depression is believed to be the number one cause of suicide.

      "They feel like there is just no getting better, no going back from this, no getting better. But you know it's a really short window, so there is that need for people to be responsive and to react when someone says they're going to hurt themselves," Caraway said.

      There is hope and treatment for those who are trying to break free and help them get back on the right track.

      "The big piece is just addressing it head on and asking, connecting them and staying involved with them and telling them they have that connection with a doctor or counselor," Caraway said.

      Locations across the Heartland offer medical and counseling services for those who suffer from depression.

      In Kirksville:

      Northeast Missouri Health Council

      1416 N. Crown Dr.

      (660) 627-5757

      Mark Twain Behavioral Health

      105 Pfeiffer Ave.

      (660) 665-4612

      Preferred Family Healthcare

      900 E Laharpe St

      (660) 665-1962

      In Ottumwa:

      Southern Iowa Mental Health Center

      110 East Main Street

      (641) 682-8772

      First Resources

      102 North Hancock Street

      (641) 683-1302

      Ottumwa Psychiatric Clinic

      1112 N Van Buren Ave # 2

      (641) 684-7744