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      Summer camp teaches kids core life values

      The summer season is slowly coming to an end which also means the last week for camps across the Heartland.

      The Adair County YMCA in Kirksville has been hosting a summer day camp for the last ten weeks.

      The kids enjoyed fun events all day long. Those included swimming, field trips, and guest speakers.

      There was also arts & crafts including a special project of painting the ceiling tiles of cartoon characters.

      We asks a few counselors and campers what this year's camp meant to them.

      "I just like coming here. Going to the pool taking lots of field trips, that's really fun. If I didn't come yet wouldn't have anything to do at my house," said Camper Robert "Ivan" Mollick.

      "Being able to hang out with the kids everyday. They're kind of teaching me what I can expect with kids. I want to be a teacher in the future. This has been a great experience," said Counselor Andrew Perks.

      The camp's fun activities were also based on The Y's five core values and what they mean. Those values are caring, honesty, respect, responsibility, and faith. The kids would get a star if they followed each of those values.

      Kids who followed and earned their five core value stars had a free lunch at colton's in Kirksville Monday. But the reward didn't end there.

      The Y invited Adair County Sheriff Robert Hardwick, Local Missouri State Representative Nate Walker, and Adair County Associate Circuit Judge Kristie Swaim. The three officials met and greeted the kids then next sat down to chat and eat with the kids.

      "To always be a good sport and be respectful and caring, responsible, faithful," said Camper Callie Ann Althide.

      "We bring them in because it kind of shows the kids that they can you know that they can grow up to be someone in the public And meet them and also for them to see that these campers really worked hard," said Counselor Kelsey Spencer. The Adair County YMCA does this lunch for their campers every year. All just to say thanks to the kids for being a good example to their fellow campers.