Summer jobs at Mo. parks

Summer Job Opportunity

For young Missourians who want to work outdoors, the State Parks Youth Corps is one place to start looking.

Saturday at Thousand Hills State Park near Kirksville, young people like Lydia Whitacre met with park officials at a job fair to find out about working with the Youth Corps.

Lydia is a high school senior and headed to Stephens College next fall. She said she thinks the job corps will be good career experience.

I love being outdoors and I knew I need a job for the summer because I TMm going to be moving and I TMm like, ~Well, what better job than to be outdoors|first job experience, just having that experience no matter what is something that TMs good for going to college and for any career.

Lydia and other Missouri residents between the ages of 17 and 21 can apply for hundreds of positions at state parks all over Missouri.

What does it take?

Park supervisor Brent Steacy said eligible applicants must meet certain income requirements. More importantly they must be willing to work.

We TMre looking for people who like to work hard, like to work outdoors, like to be around people. I mean, this is a public park and even our maintenance positions-if they TMre out in the park, people are going to see them and people are going to ask them questions and talk to them, so we TMre looking for people that like people, like working outdoors.

There are many jobs available for young people at Thousand Hills State Park, including an office staff, a maintenance staff, and even interpretive aides to lead hikes.

Statewide Program

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon (D) initiated the Youth Corps last year. It TMs a partnership between the Missouri division of state parks and the Missouri division of workforce development.

Since it TMs a statewide program, northeast Missouri youth aren TMt limited to the Kirksville area for a summer job.

You can get a job ant any park in the state, we have seven parks in Northeast Missouri that are taking applications and we TMll be having positions this summer.

It may only pay minimum wage, but the State Parks Youth Corps lets young adults work outside and get some career experience.

If you missed today TMs job fair, you can still apply for the State Parks Youth Corps online.

Nathan Vickers reported this story.