Summer of block parties continues this weekend

The Kirksville Parks and Recreation Department along with with NEMO Heart Health will hold summer block party this Saturday at P.C. Mills.

Saturday night family fun is once again provided by the Kirksville Parks and Recreation Department.

Last month the department held two summer block parties in city parks. They have proven to be a big success with a good turnout in attendance.

The last one at Jaycee Park was a summer olympic theme. It was so popular with both kids and parents that it will be the theme again for the third block party at P.C. Mills Park this Saturday.

The department just wants to keep stressing the importance of getting out and being active.

"We have a personal best challenge that I really like about this one. They can do six physical activities and then receive a price after that," said said Recreation Assistant Courtney Pierce.

NEMO Heart Health will once again partner for this block party. They will be providing snacks and educational aspects of hearth health.

The block party will be taking place this Saturday, July 19 from 6-8 p.m.