Summer projects begin on homes

Summer is right around the corner and new projects to improve the home are beginning.

Projects from replacing the deck to re-painting window shutters have begun on homes all throughout the area.

However, it is also important to keep the inside of your home looking just as nice as the outside.

Replacing the concrete and re-painting the garage is something that all homes need after a few years.

A number of paints and glosses are also available to help make your garage floor look like a car dealerships flooring. Having the gloss on the floor makes it look newer and makes clean up easy.

"Well I mean, the concrete is going to last pretty much for everybody itself, but it really makes it look nice and makes it way easier to clean up. If you get a bunch of dirt on there you can just sweep it right off," said Nick Oliver, of Lancaster Lumber.

Typically two cases of the gloss are used to complete a flooring project.