Superintendent says senior trip misconduct handled appropriately

Superintendent says senior trip misconduct handled appropriately/KTVO

A Moravia parent kept her 10th grade child from attending a school field trip Wednesday afternoon.

That's after last week's senior trip ended on a bad note.

Katina Burch caught eye of a Facebook post that pointed to some serious allegations.

The most severe accuses a teacher-chaperone of drinking and driving with precious cargo in the back seat.

It wasn't her child on that trip, but Burch told me she's still concerned.

"It could've been,” Burch said. “It could've been, yes."

That teacher has since resigned, but the post suggests two others still employed at the school may have been involved.

"Knowing that one of my students is very involved on that side with those allegedly two other teachers, it is a concern," Burch said.

Burch added that if these teachers are guilty, then parents should've been notified.

Though some Moravia parents argue that the situation wasn't addressed properly, Superintendent Brad Breon disagrees.

"To say we haven't handled this would be inappropriate, and to say something hasn't been done is inappropriate," Breon said.

Breon confirmed that there was an incident on the field trip last week.

"There was erratic driving, yes, as far as being drunk, I have no proof of that, I just have people insinuating and thinking that," Breon said.

As a result, Breon said the teachers involved were investigated.

"We've done a thorough investigation and I believe I know what happened and they're all going to be dealt with separately because of the different levels of what I think of severity," Breon said.

Some even say students captured the incident on video.

""I’ve heard there's a video of what happened in the van and that's all, but if there's anything more, we'd be glad to see it," Breon said.

Despite the outrage on social media, Breon told KTVO he's only received one call from a parent who complimented the district on how well they've dealt with the misconduct.

"I think that's a reflection of people in the community (who) know that the district takes these things seriously and deals with them very quickly and harshly,” Breon said. “Had that not happened, I think I would've been hearing from parents, but they know it's been dealt with."

"If they are handling it, they should've just sent us a letter home about the incident and that it is under investigation, to give us some sort of an ease, but right now, we're getting the hearsay from the media and other parents," Burch said.

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