Superintendents continue to talk education reform

Schools across Iowa are responding to the proposed education reform plan.

"The devil is in the details" seems to be the popular phrase when it comes to the governor's education reform plan.

The superintendent of the Ottumwa School District told KTVO the plan all depends on funding and implementation.

Over in the Albia Community School District, Superintendent Kevin Crall said the reform plan is an optimistic vision for the future of education in Iowa. The high points include rewarding veteran teachers for their work in the classroom.

"I think the positives are that we always want our teachers to be leaders in our building and we have teachers who are leaders, so we want to compensate those folks," Crall said. "I do like the fact of raising teacher pay to $35,000 for beginning teachers, I think that's good. Rewarding teachers with more pay, with more leadership skills, or more leadership duties, I think that's great."

As for the issue of allowable growth, the issue has become of concern for many school districts in Southeast Iowa. Crall said it would be nice for once to not have to work backwards, and know how much money is available to the district before setting and arranging the budget.