Supervisor reacts to election

With the 2011 election done and over with, KTVO is starting to hear reaction from local political leaders here in the Heartland about what their thoughts are on the results.

KTVO spoke with Wapello County Supervisor. and union leader Steve Siegel. We asked him about the results from the state senate race in Cedar Rapids.

The seat, once held by a Democrat, was needed to stay in control of the Democrats once again in order for them to keep control of the Iowa Senate.

Former television anchor Liz Mathis won the seat for the party. Siegel, along with other Democratic leaders, were happy about the results."If that seat would have changed hands, we would have seen a number of issues come up. The one that would of effected us here in Wapello County would be property taxes. If Governor Branstad and the Republicans control the entire agenda, they would push through a 40% cut in commercial property taxes; which is going to hamstring local governments and raise taxes considerably on residential properties," said Siegel.Siegel also told KTVO that it is important for citizens to vote in local elections, because what happens at a local level, effect elections on the state and national level.