Supervisors working to eliminate pet hoarding

(OTTUMWA, Iowa) - A recent case of pet hoarding has Wapello County officials ready to take action to prevent future problems.

Last week, Sue Davis of Ottumwa, was cited for having over 90 cats and dogs in her on home on West Rochester.

Davis is on the board of the no kill Heartland Humane Society Shelter in Ottumwa.

Wapello County Supervisor Jerry Parker fears that at least some of the cats found at the Davis home were animals collected by the county.

Parker says that when the county collects stray cats, they are kept at a local vet's office for five days before being put down.

Parker believes Davis may have given the vet the impression that the cats were headed to Heartland Humane, knowing the that the shelter was full and she would have to try to care for them herself.

"If someone is adopting one as a pet, that is fine. But to allow these offsite places to develop. We have reason to believe that at least some of these animals were taken from the vet and they were county animals and they went to that particular home," said Parker.

Parker says that he respects the work Heartland Humane does, but that he doesn't want the county to be responsible for treating animals cruelly.

The issue is on the agenda for the next supervisor's meeting. Parker sats one possible solution to the problem would be for the county to simply stop collecting stray cats.