Support group helps mothers facing substance abuse issues

Moms 2 Moms Carwash Fundraiser

A new support group in the Ottumwa community helps mothers facing substance abuse issues.

Moms 2 Moms is sponsored by First Resources Corporation. It is a spin-off of a support group established in 1991 called "Moms off Meth." The group now does a variety of activities. Friday afternoon members of Moms 2 Moms had a carwash outside a local business on Church Street. Members say the group has built a sense of community on the road to recovery.

"Moms 2 Moms is a holistic group," Judy Murphy, First Resources Corporation said. "It's for moms who have substance abuse problems, and they're usually involved in the child welfare system, and it's really a place for women to come together to find solutions and share solutions with other new women in the community."

"It really helps me," Ashley Lankford, a group member, said. "I get to talk and we get to talk about whatever we feel that day and whatever's going on if we're dealing with our families, relationships or how to deal with our kids, it's understanding [of] everything."

Next all the proceeds raised from the carwash will go toward the family campout for people in recovery. The campout will take place in May at the Ottumwa Park Campgrounds.