Support local businesses on Saturday

Consumers may have been out on Black Friday but Saturday is â??Small Business Saturday.â??

The event has been advertised all over the United States, the goal being for people to shop local and to support their area businesses. And in turn, put money back into their communities.

Local business owners in Ottumwa said they are excited about this national day. With the revitalization efforts of downtown Ottumwa going strong, current business owners said they hope the city can attract more small businesses.

â??Small businesses thrive on the local community. It's not the tourists that pass through, especially in a city like Ottumwa. It's not the people that are passing through town that we're doing all our business with, it's the people who are coming in everyday or every Saturday and coming in for a cup of coffee and a cupcake in my situation. And those are the backbone, those people are the backbone of our business,â?? said Melissa Little, owner of The Little Bake Shop.

Little urges everyone to go out and support their local businesses and see what their community has to offer on Saturday.