Survey indicates Fairfield is short of quality housing

Map created by the Area 15 Regional Planning Commission indicates the Northwest part of town has the most poor and dilapidated housing conditions.

According to a new report, the City of Fairfield is short of housing.

Last fall, employers were asked to complete a survey about the housing needs of their employees. The survey indicated over 55-percent of people who work in Fairfield don't live there. The Fairfield Economic Development Association had Area 15 Regional Planning Commission complete a Housing Needs Assessment. The findings indicated 30-percent of single-family households live in poor or dilapidated homes.

â??While Fairfield has had some economic struggles in the past few years that have resulted in very limited new housing construction taking place, spring is in the air, and Iâ??ve spoken to a number of individuals interested in building new multi-family or single family subdivisions in Fairfield," Adam Plagge, FEDA executive director said.

Plagge says the best way to build new housing requires TIF funds. He told us he hopes the city will support the infrastructure needs the subdivisions have. Plagge has only been on the job for about a month-and-a-half. By next spring, the new economic development director anticipates the housing market will improve significantly.