Suspects accused of killing five Beagle puppies

Brandon Reed, 26, Fairfield, Iowa

After a weeklong investigation, police arrested two people in the alleged theft and killing of five beagle puppies believed to be stolen from a Douds, Iowa resident.

Investigators arrested Jamison Leathers, 26, of Douds, and Brandon Reed, 26, of Fairfield.

Police said the two men stole the pups and took them to a residence in Fairfield where they kept them in an outdoor pen and then allegedly killed them.

Itâ??s also believed the two men dumped the dead puppies along the road in front of the ownerâ??s house.

Police conducted a search warrant at the residence where they believed the two men held the pups.

They found several witnesses and discovered that one of the six pups was given to a neighbor.

A DNA sample was taken from the puppy given to the neighbor, and will be compared to the DNA of the five dead puppies, and blood that was found in the vehicle belonging to one of the two men.

The suspects were taken to the Van Buren County Jail.

Reed is currently in custody on $20,000 bond, and Leathers posted bond and has been released.