Suspect's text message: I'm gonna blow the place up

David Songer, 48, of Kirksville, allegedly made the statement that he was going to shoot and kill workers at the Ortech plant in Kirksville.

A northeast Missouri man is accused of threatening to blow up a Kirksville factory and shoot and kill multiple employees.

Court documents state that on Thursday, David Songer, 48, of Kirksville made the statement that he was going to shoot and kill workers at the Ortech plant in Kirksville.

According to his Facebook page, Songer works at Ortech.

Investigators said Songer drove to the plant with three, fully loaded handguns, three loaded magazines and an extra box of ammunition.

A Kirksville police officer arrived at Ortech to find Songer sitting in his vehicle in the parking lot. The officer ordered an evacuation of the employees to a safe part of the building, and then he intercepted Songer as the suspect entered the building.

Songer was then ordered onto the floor face down and placed under arrest. The suspect is charged with three felony charges: first-degree assault, armed criminal action and making a terrorist threat with reckless disregard of risk of causing evacuation/ closure of a building/ inhabitable structure/ place of assembly/ facility of transportation.

According to court documents, in text messages sent to a family member, Songer said â??I hate everyone at Ortechâ?¦Iâ??m gonna blow the place upâ?¦ Iâ??m shooting three managersâ?¦ and then I will blow up all of the systemsâ?¦ Iâ??m collecting guns and ammoâ?¦ I am a killer and a haterâ?¦ I hate man kind and death to allâ?¦ I proclaim war on manâ?¦ I have a list to kill todayâ?¦ â??

Songer is being held on $150,000 cash-only bond. He was originally incarcerated at the Adair County Jail, but he is currently not at that facility. The prosecutor, sheriff and jail staffers all told KTVO they were not at liberty to say where Songer is at this time.