Suspension reduced to written reprimand for officer involved in on-duty accident

An Ottumwa police officer involved in a collision with a garbage truck in January will not have a permanent suspension on his record.

Officer Josh Kobes won his appeal at a hearing with the Ottumwa Civil Service commission last week. Interim Chief of Police Tom McAndrew serves as the Patrol Division Commander and is responsible for recommending discipline when the any time there is a violation of the department's policies and procedures.

McAndrew recommended a two-day suspension, but the commission reduced that to a written reprimand, which will be dropped off Kobes' record after one year.

"In this case, the civil service commission, who represent the city of Ottumwa, the citizens of our community, decided to modify my decision which was made and it's my responsibility to respect that decision," Chief McAndrew said.

The Jefferson County Attorney's Office will be handling the incident from here out and Officer Kobes is scheduled to meet with the attorney's office for a hearing at 9:30 a.m. on June 7.