Sydenstricker's Connects with Clients Through Social Media Outlets

From Facebook to Twitter to Smart Phone Apps, it seems like everyone is using them, and they are including farmers. Jeremy Schneider from Sydenstrickerâ??s stopped by the set of Good Morning Heartland to tell us more about the different social media outlets they have available. WATCH VIDEO ABOVE to learn more.

Question: Sydenstrickers is a local company but how do communicate with your customers and the communities that you are in?

Answer: We try to stay active in our communities and use some traditional advertising methods such as print, billboards and television. We also use the word of mouth and telecommunications with certain customers. We have also been active on the internet for years but recently have made the transitions into social media and mobile apps.

Question: You mention social media, why have you made that transition?

Answer: It is no secret that todayâ??s customers are making their buying decisions differently than in years past. We want to be seen as a company with traditional values that embraces technology. We have talked about our GPS technology in our machines and using social media and mobile apps is just an extension of the technology we embrace. Ultimately we see being able to communicate with our customers as critical to serving their needs. If social media and mobile apps can help us do that we want to provide that to our customers.

Question: What other tools are available to customers?

Answer: Some customers out there are aware that John Deere makes an online parts catalog available free to customers who sign up. That is essentially the same program we use daily to look up parts in our stores. Recently John Deere has launched a site called This is essentially a landing page for all things John Deere. On it you have the ability to keep equipment records, equipment data and have connections to things such as weather, John Deere parts and many other things related to agriculture. In the future John Deere plans to make technical data available online as well. This would include things like ownerâ??s manuals and tech manuals.

Question: What would you like for customers to do with your app, should they choose to download it?

Answer: Provide feedback!! Recently we had a customer come into our Macon location and ask where we had moved to in Kirksville. He even said that he looked us up with his phone and it still had the old location address. Once we were aware of that we took the steps necessary to get that changed in all search engines. We need that feedback in order to provide our customers with the best tools.

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