Taking it to the streets

Crews are finishing up road construction just in time.

With school starting and more cars on the road, the last thing you need is to be stuck in a traffic jam due to road construction.

The Kirksville Public Works Department is putting the final touches on any remaining street repairs. Crews have been patching, paving and striping roads near schools. Since the weather cooperated this week, work is scheduled to be completed on time. The hope was to have roadwork done sooner, but since many repairs are hired out, it's not that simple.

â??We have to get the engineering done and have everything ready to go so we can be bidding on projects in January and February so we're under construction in April and May instead of June and July. We're working toward that next year to be even further ahead,â?? said Public Works Director Alan Griffiths.

Griffiths says there should be no traffic problems around school campuses since contractors have already finished all of the asphalt and concrete work there.