Talking to your kids about weather fears

Could your child have a weather phobia?

With severe weather season approaching some kids may start being scared of storms.

Experts say it's normal for kids to hide under the covers during a thunderstorm. normal symptoms can range from anxiety and being clingy.

But for some it can turn into a crippling phobia. for children who have been through a post traumatic weather situation such as a tornado, they could express fears of losing their home or have stress when bad weather comes.

That is why it's important for parents to talk to their kids.

"It's just about educating them about interesting facts about storms, doing cloud identification. Something that gets them involved in seeing the scientific approach and reassuring them that most storms do not rise to those levels and that as long as you're prepared then you'll be safe," said Angela Caraway of Mark Twain Behavioral Health.

Caraway also advises parents to let kids have an emergency plan in place. It would also be a good idea to have them help out putting the plan together. They can help put together a kit or go over a drill with them.