Task force hearing on child sexual abuse

The spotlight on prevention of childhood sexual abuse has become brighter.

That issue hit the Heartland as the state's task force heard comments and concerns from multiple professionals responsible for children's safety.

The special task force has been going around to several Missouri communities to get input on what child sexual abuse measures should continue, and which ones need improvement or don't work.

As the task force hears input it will compile all the data.

Childcare officials say some of the responsibility of protecting the child should be placed on the parent or guardian.

"It's not the general public's job to investigate to be sure before they call," said Kelly Schultz, the Director of Office of Child Advocate. "You need to trust that gut instinct when you have concern about the safety of a child because you may be the only chance to protect that child or future victims as well."

Schultz adds, the national attention this issue has received has made everyone involved more concerned with child sex abuse.

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