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      Tax-free weekend for back-to-school supplies

      This weekend is set to be one of the biggest back to school shopping weekends of the year.

      If you haven't noticed, stores are stocking up their shelves, many children are headed back to class in just a few weeks and parents are already filling their carts with school supplies.

      The National Retail Federation says that families with school-age children will spend about more than $650 in shoes, clothes, supplies and electronics this year. That's about $50 less than last year.

      Stores are beefing up their staffing for this weekend.

      "This weekend will be one of the busiest weekends," said Kirksville Wal-Mart co-manager Ben St. Pierre. "It's our tax free weekend from the 2nd to the 4th, so it's going to be a big opportunity to not only get back to school items, but apparel."

      Wal-Mart actually has staffing throughout the weekend that's specifically assigned to the back to school section of the store to make sure customers are well taken care of.

      Wal-Mart employees say their one-subject notebooks and Crayola crayons are hottest selling items.

      The total back to school spending nationally is expected to top $26 billion this year.