Tax group hears Franklin design update

Downtown Kirksville, Mo.

Kirksville Tax Increment Finance Commission (TIF) discussed several things Thursday night.

First, Kirksville City Manager Mari Macomber discussed the situation with the Adair County Ambulance District (ACAD).

Macomber said their attorney had a medical condition, so everything has been postponed until he is able to complete the documentation, which was filing responses to the summary judgment.

Macomber said they hope to get things back on track and maybe by the end of the year be closer to some sort of decision on whether it's for TIF, or for ACAD.

Macomber then gave the commission an update on Kirksville Downtown Improvement Committee (KDIC) and said KDIC had established itself as a not-for-profit organization and went through the process of developing bylaws and the filing process with the state and the federal government to maintain the not-for-profit status. And, KDIC announced it was going to take a break. Macomber said the commission would be looking at the bylaws to see when KDIC is required to have an annual meeting, â??because it's quite an expense to go through that process to establish itself, and then not to retain and follow the process with annual meetings and annual filings,â?? Macomber said.

She then spoke about the Franklin Street design.

The commission has plans finished for the Franklin Street streetscape project, which is on the west side of Franklin Street. The first phase is from Washington Street to Normal Street on the west side. And, the second phase is from Normal Street to Patterson Street on both sides. â??There are a number of power poles that line the west side of Franklin Street, and Truman wants those to be put underground,â?? Macomber said. The commission said Truman would have to help pay for that and Truman agreed. The estimate for the first phase is around $670,000. The commission would like to have the electric work done during winter break. It would like to have Franklin Street finished in 2014.

The commission also took a look at the downtown redevelopment document. The document details standards that could be used to either direct, or guide property owners on improvements that they could make to their buildings downtown and regulate new construction. â??What is presented here (is) a combination of both,â?? Macomber said. â??If you're going to be building new construction, then you have to follow the guideline thatâ??s whatâ??s in this document today. Otherwise, (it gives suggestions) if you're going to make improvements to your facility or your building.â??

The commission decided to look over the document and discuss it at the next meeting.