Tax revenue helps beautify the city

The CID is working to improve this shopping area.

In an effort to improve the south entryway into the city of Kirksville, the shopping area on the South 63 corridor can charge an additional sales tax.

The sales tax is not anything new, however the Community Improvement District (CID) met Thurdsday to discuss further projects for the South entrance into the city.

Kirksville City Manager, Mari Macomber tells KTVO, they've already began doing improvements.

"The idea there and the reason we have it is it's an entry way into the city and the city council was interested in improving the appearance of that center," Macomber said. "As you're coming in, it's a very large area and so the Community Improvement District, if property owners within that area approve the addition of sales tax, then you can capture that tax and use those dollars to improve the properties."

The CID have already done sidewalk and parking lot improvements. Next they'll be working on the actual facade of the South 63 corridor shopping center.