Team of local doctors plan to help those in Haiti

A team of 6 local medical professionals will soon be making the trip to Haiti.

Doctors and nurses from the Samaritan Hospital in Macon will be making the trip in May. While there, they will be offering basic medical care to both adults and children in the different towns and villages.

The medical teams pay for all of the necessities out of pocket, including translators, food, housing, and any and all medicine that may be needed. It may be an expensive trip to make, but a registered nurse planning on making the trip for the second time in 2 years says it is all worth it when you see the faces of those being cared for.

"It touched my heart so to go down there and see the people of Haiti that have nothing. They don't even have food to eat some of the times, and they still have a love for The Lord that is amazing, and a love for their fellow man," said Sharon Kennison, a registered nurse at Samaritan Hospital.

If you are interested in helping the team, donations can be dropped off at the Samaritan Hospital in Macon.