Teamsters say Ottumwa bus strike possible

Local union officials say a disruption in bus service that provides transportation to Ottumwa school students may be coming in the near future.

A press release issued Tuesday by Teamsters Local 238, suggests negotiations between the local and Southern Iowa Transit are not going well.

Local 238 Business Agent Jon Thomas is quoted in the press release as saying, "The next bargaining session between both parties is set for Wednesday, September 18 but if bargaining continues on its current path, a disruption in busing services is entirely possible and the District should be aware of this."

Thomas goes on to say the union has filed several unfair labor practices against the company and the union questions its desire to bargain in good faith, which could lead to a disruption in services.

Local 238 was formed on Feb. 14, 2013.

Southern Iowa Transit has a contract with the Ottumwa School District to provide school bus service.

Ottumwa School Superintendent Davis Eidahl was frustrated to be caught in the middle of the dispute.

Eidahl told KTVO over the phone that he is disappointed that adults can't come to the table to reach an agreement. And that he will be disappointed if it affects the students.

KTVO is waiting on a response from Southern Iowa Transit.

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