Techel attorney asks for bond reduction

Seth Techel in court during his second trial

Accused murderer Seth Techel is asking to have his bond reduced.

The 23-year-old Agency man has been in custody since May of 2012, when he was arrested and charged with killing his pregnant wife, Lisa Caldwell Techel.

Techel failed to post the $750,000 cash only bond that was set at the time of his arrest.

However, after two trials and two hung juries, the Techel defense team is asking for a significant reduction in that bond.

Defense attorney Steven Gardner has asked the court to reduce the bond to $75,000.

Gardner also wants to remove restrictions on Techel's travel and who he can contact.

Iowa District Court Judge Daniel Wilson has set a Nov. 25 hearing to discuss the bond reduction and other matters in the aftermath of a Henry County juryâ??s inability to reach a verdict last week.

Despite failing to secure a conviction in two separate trials, Assistant Iowa Attorney General Andrew Prosser told KTVO last week that he has every intention of trying Techel for a third time.

Seth Techel remains in custody in the Monroe County Jail.

(The Associated Press contributed to this story.)

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