Techel back in court on Tuesday

Accused murderer Seth Andrew Techel doesn't know when his second trial will begin.

Accused murderer Seth Andrew Techel doesn't know when his second trial will begin, but that doesn't mean that there hasn't been a flurry of activity in his case.

The 22-year-old Ottumwa man is accused of killing his pregnant wife Lisa Caldwell in May of 2012.

According to online court records, a hearing has been scheduled by the court for Tuesday, September 3 to deal with a number of motions brought before the court in recent days.

Among the issues before Judge Daniel Wilson next week will be the defense's request for help from the public defenderâ??s office.

Techel's retrial was scheduled for August 12. Just a few days before jury selection was scheduled to begin, the defense asked that the trial be delayed to due to problems with the health of lead defense counsel Steven Gardner.

As it stands for now, Techel's retrial is tentatively scheduled for October 28. However, Judge Wilson has given the parties until September 20 to come to an agreement on whether the October date will work or if the trial will need to be moved into 2014.

Techel's first trial ended with a Wapello County jury unable to reach a verdict.

When the trial is finally rescheduled, it will be held in Henry County.

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