Techel in police interview, 'I know this doesn't look good.'

Seth Techel

UPDATED-After two weeks and two weather delays, the prosecution is essentially finished presenting its case to the jury in the First Degree Murder Trial of Seth Techel.

The State will officially rest its case on Tuesday morning, but this afternoon Prosecutor Andrew Prosser called his final witness.

Taking the stand last was Vic Murillo, a DCI firearms expert.

Murillo testified that the shotgun slug that killed Lisa Techel was fired from the Mossberg shotgun found in the Techel yard the morning of the murder

The state also had Murillo address a question that the defense has brought up at every opportunity; Why DCI agents did not test Seth Techelâ??s hands for gun powder residue?

Murillo told jurors that the machine the DCI used to conduct the test broke down years ago and was never replace,d. Murillo also said the residue test was generally unreliable and that it wasnâ??t hard for suspects to clean the residue off their hands before being tested.

On cross examination, Defense Attorney Steve Gardner got Murillo to admit that prior to discontinuing the test in the mid-1990â??s, DCI agents testified in court on the reliability of that test.

Gardner also got Murillo to acknowledge that the DCI still has a procedure in place for conducting the test if they wish.

The defense should start its presentation sometime Tuesday morning. Judge Daniel Wilson did warn jurors that the case could stretch into next week.


Jurors in the first degree murder trial of Seth Techel began week three, right where week two left off, watching the DVD of DCI Special Agent Chris Thomas interview Techel on the afternoon of May 26.

The interview, which began amicably enough, starts to become confrontational after nearly three hours.

Techel, who earlier in the interview told Thomas that he had stopped texting Rachel McFarland in January, begins to confess that the relationship was more serious than that.

After acknowledging he continued to talk to, see and even kiss McFarland right up until his wifeâ??s death, Techel tells Thomas, I know this doesnâ??t look good.

After nearly four hours of conversation, Thomas becomes more aggressive with Techel, telling him that the evidence doesnâ??t support his version of events, and that investigators have come to the conclusion that Techel has murdered his wife.

Techel repeatedly denies killing his wife, and the interview ends with Techel being asked to leave the room.

After the jury finished the tape, the defense attorney aggressively cross examined Thomas, particularly on the issue of gun powder residue testing.

Thomas acknowledged that suggesting to Techel that the DCI would and could test for gun powder residue on his hands was a ruse to find out how Techel would respond to the question.