Techel jury deadlocked

The jury in the First Degree Murder trial of Seth Techel was unable to reach a verdict.

UPDATE- Lisa Techel's family has released a written statement about Friday's events. In that statement, the family says they are disappointed that the jury was unable to reach a verdict. They thank everyone involved in the case, including Wapello County Sheriff's Office, DCI and the prosecution team.

The statement also addresses the family of Brian Tate and says that Lisa's family in no way believe that Brian Tate was involved with Lisa's murder.


After nearly three weeks of testimony and three and a half days of deliberation, the jury in the First Degree Murder trial of Seth Techel was unable to reach a verdict.

Judge Daniel Wilson addressed the jury and the court shortly after 11 Friday morning.

He asked the jury foreman if the panel would be able to reach an unanimous verdict. The foreman told the court that a verdict was not possible.

Judge Wilson did not poll the jury to determine how many jurors favor a guilty verdict and how many favored acquittal.

He thanked the jury for their service, making note that he believed they had worked very hard to reach a verdict, and dismissed them from service.

The defense then made a motion for a mistrial, a move that was not opposed by Prosecuting Attorney Andrew Prosser.

Wilson granted the motion for mistrial, noting that the law requires a retrial in 90 days, unless there are circumstances that would prevent that.

In the meantime, Techel will remain in custody, His bond remains $750,000 cash only.

Prosser was clearly disappointed in the outcome, but made it clear that the state will re-try the case.

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