Techel likely headed for an October trial

Seth Andrew Techel

Update-- Online court records indicate that Judge Daniel Wilson has signed an order setting the re-trial of Seth Techel for October 28, at 9 a.m. The trial will take place at the Henry County Courthouse in Mt. Pleasant.


The retrial of accused murderer Seth Andrew Techel will likely be held in late October.

At a motion's hearing Tuesday at the Wapello County Courthouse, Judge Daniel Wilson told the court he is likely to sign an order setting the trial date as Oct. 28 at the Henry County Courthouse in Mt. Pleasant.

Both the defense and prosecution seemed to be ready to proceed at that time.

As of Tuesday morning, Judge Wilson had not officially signed an order setting the trial for that date, however.

The judge wants to make certain that the date works not just for the parties, but for court administration as well.

The length of the trial has been an issue; it is expected to last three to four weeks, which puts stress on the court's calendar.

Judge Wilson also heard arguments Tuesday concerning the admission into evidence of confidential medical records.

The defense has requested that the court admit medical records concerning the mental health of Brian Tate.

Tate was a neighbor of the Seth and Lisa Caldwell Techel at the time of Lisa's death in May 2012.

During the first trial, the defense argued that investigators ignored the fact that Tate's adversarial relationship with Seth Techel made him a likely suspect in Lisa Techel's death.

The defense believes the medical records of the now deceased Brian Tate will help exonerate Techel.

Assistant Attorney General Andrew Prosser argued to the court, the records are confidential and will provide no insight into Techel's guilt or innocence, but simply serve to damage the reputation of an innocent man.

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