Techel murder re-trial less than a week away

Seth Andrew Techel

Less than a week before the start of Seth Techel's second murder trial, attorneys were in a Wapello County courtroom Tuesday for some last minute legal wrangling.

Judge Daniel Wilson entertained a number of motions from Assistant State Attorney General Andrew Prosser and lead defense counsel Steve Gardner as they tried to set the ground rules for next week's trial.

The biggest point of contention during Tuesday's hearing was related to the health records of Brian Tate.

Tate lived next door to the Techel's and the defense is once again preparing to argue that Tate was responsible for the death of a pregnant Lisa Caldwell Techel in May 2012.

Gardner wants a jury to hear the details of Tate's mental health commitment in September 2012.

The state argued the state of Tate's mental health four months after the murder is irrelevant.

Judge Wilson did not immediately issue a ruling in that matter.

The parties did agree to add an extra alternate juror when the trial begins in at the Henry County Courthouse in Mt. Pleasant next Monday.

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