Techel murder re-trial set to start

Seth Andrew Techel

The wheels of justice continue to grind toward an October 28 re-trial of accused murderer Seth Andrew Techel.

Defense attorney Steven Gardner has filed his witness list with the court, and there doesn't seem to be any really big surprises on the 70 name list.

The witness list suggests that once again, the defense intends to offer up Techel's neighbor, Brian Tate, as the likely killer of Lisa Caldwell Techel and her unborn daughter.

The defense argued in the first trial that investigators ignored the fact that Tate's history of animosity toward Techel made him the most likely suspect in the killing.

Jack and Drucilla Chickering are expected to testify in the second trial. The Chickerings told the court in the first trial that Brian Tate has confessed his mental illness to them.

The list also includes members of Brian Tate's family, including his mother Mary Lou. Techel's parents, Doug and Lorraine Techel are once again expected to testify in their son's defense.

The prosecution contends that Techel and only Techel had a reason to commit the murder.