Techel trial: Prosecution rests, defense up next

Seth Techel

UPDATE -Doug Techel took the stand on Tuesday afternoon to testify in his son's defense.

Techel testified to basically the same information Seth's mother Lorraine had in the morning session.

Doug described arriving at the scene in the early morning hours of May 26, and the long wait at the Wapello County Law Center as Seth waited to be interviewed by DCI agents.

He discussed an incident that took place the following day in the backyard of Seth and Lisa's Agency home.

Doug acknowledged that he and Seth had briefly looked around a tree where the murder weapon had been found earlier that day.

But as Lorraine had testified in the morning session, Doug told the court they weren't looking for anything in particular; they were simply curious why that tree had been marked with an X.

Techel told jurors that Wapello County Sheriff's Deputy Bryan Baum was essentially accurate when he testified he overheard Doug telling Seth that the law enforcement officers were simply doing their job.

The last defense witness of the day was DCI Agent Justin Grodnitzky. Gardner grilled the agent about the collection of evidence at the scene, including why agents hadn't seized the now infamous peanut butter and jelly sandwich found on the porch.


Week three of the first degree murder trial of Seth Techel began with the state resting its case.

Defense Attorney Steven Gardner then made the expected motion to have Judge Daniel Wilson dismiss the case due to lack of evidence.

Gardner noted for the judge that the state's case is almost entirely circumstantial because the state is arguing Seth must be guilty because he was the only other person in the home when Lisa was shot and killed in the early morning hours of May 26, 2012.

Garnder told the court that the state has presented almost no scientific or forensic evidence, no fingerprints, DNA, or blood spatter.

In response Prosecutor Andrew Prosser told Judge Wilson that although the case is in large part circumstantial, it is a strong circumstantial case.

Judge Wilson denied the defense motion, meaning that the court believes the state has made enough of a case against Techel to continue the Trial.

Late Tuesday morning, the defense called, Sethâ??s mother, Lorraine Techel.

She tearfully told the court that she considered Lisa to be her daughter.

She also gave a more nuanced account of the incident where Seth and his father Doug were standing in the yard where the Mossberg shotgun was found.

She told the court Doug and Seth weren't looking to see if the gun was still there, they were simply wondering why a nearby tree was painted with a large x.

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