Techel's parents take stand as the defense prepares to rest its case

Both Techel parents took the stand Tuesday afternoon and presented the jury with their accounts of the day of the murder and the immediate days after.

Seth's father, Doug Techel, testified first. Doug said he received a phone call a little before 6 a.m. on May 26, 2012 from Deputy Martin Wonderlin. Wonderlin explained the situation to him and asked him to come to the scene and console Seth.

Doug said when he first spoke to Seth, Seth struck the chain link fence on his property and wanted to confront neighbor Brian Tate, but he advised him not to do so.

Doug also said he noticed a man smoking outside the Tate residence shortly after he arrived, but was not able to identify him.

When Doug drove Seth to the Wapello County Law Enforcement Center that day for questioning, he asked Seth if they should hire a lawyer. Seth told them they shouldn't, that he had nothing to hide, and that he would fully cooperate with authorities.

Seth's mother, Lorraine Uehling-Techel, took the stand fighting back tears as her voice cracked during her testimony. She said she received a call from Doug before 7 am explaining to her what happened.

She described the scene upon arrival.

"I stood there in shock. I tried to get as much information as I could. I couldn't speak to Seth--he was being interviewed--and Doug came over and told me what he knew," said Uehling-Techel.

Uehling-Techel and her brother went back to the house two days later to snap pictures. In the pictures she took, Tate's American flag is no longer hanging along the property line.

During her testimony, she also mentioned she had been notified by Lisa Caldwell-Techel that Seth was texting another woman. She claims that's all she knew.

The trial usually begins at 9 a.m., but will commence at 10 a.m. tomorrow.