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      Teen pregnancy rates are going down in Missouri

      The teen birth rate in Missouri has decreased both statewide and locally.

      A recent study shows that the teen birth rate in Missouri has decreased both statewide and locally.

      At the Lifeline Pregnancy Help Clinic in Kirksville, they have seen a decrease in teen pregnant patients from 25-percent in 2009 to 18-percent this year.

      Officials at the clinic believe the decrease is largely due to more parent involvement and the success of relationship or sex education programs in Missouri schools.

      Lifeline Pregnancy Help Clinic also has a Pure Freedom Program to teach kids the importance of abstinence and the consequences of being sexually active.

      "We do three consecutive class periods, each day builds up to the next. We're teaching them about teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. We are also equipping them with skills to ensure they can have healthy relationships and know what it looks like and know to set boundaries and protect themselves from going too far," said Lifeline Pregnancy Help Clinic Executive Director Breanne Hunt.

      The Pure Freedom Program is offered for seventh, eighth, and ninth graders across northeast Missouri.

      If you want more information about the program, you can call Lifeline Pregnancy Help Clinic at (660) 665-5688 or click here.