Teens, young adults hit the hardest with H1N1 in Iowa

Remember the 3 C's: Cover your cough; clean your hands, and contain germs to avoid spreading the flu.

Health experts are seeing an increase of influenza cases within the State of Iowa.

The predominant strain doctors are seeing this year is the H1N1 virus, which hit the nation back in 2009. Wapello County's Public Health Director Lynelle Diers says this year's flu vaccine does protect you from the H1N1 strain. The illness seems to be affecting more teenagers and young adults than infants and the elderly population as well.

â??It's not too late to get a flu shot, and if you haven't had one, I highly recommend getting one because you can be exposed easily,â?? Diers said. â??Wapello County had one school that reported higher than 10-percent absenteeism.â??

Wiping down shopping carts, and commonly used items in the home and workplace, along with washing your hands are some easy ways to protect yourself from the flu. Diers said the number of cases has likely peaked, and will start to trickle down come late March or April.