Tentative date set for Techel retrial

Seth Techel may have to be appointed a new counse.

It looks like an October trial date for accused murder Seth Techel. That is if everything goes well.

A scheduling hearing held in the case Thursday has Judge Dan Wilson considering an October 28 start date for Techel's retrial. However, Judge Wilson didn't sign an order committing to that date, just yet.

In an order filed after the hearing, Wilson requested that state prosecutors check their schedules and let the court know by September 20 if that date will work.

The defense has until September 13 to let the court know if lead defense counsel Steven Gardner's health will allow him to try the case in October.

Gardner's health was the reason the trial didn't start this week as scheduled.

If the October date is unworkable, the parties have been asked to work with the court to find a trial date after January 1, 2014.

The order also notes that at some point continuing to delay the trial might be prejudicial and that if Mr. Gardner can't resume his duties, Mr. Techel may have to be appointed a new counsel.

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