Test driving cars raises money for a local school

Fesler Auto Mall and Ford Drive 4UR School at Van Buren Community Schools

Fesler Auto Mall and Ford are raising money for extracurricular activities at Heartland Schools.

The 6th annual â??Drive 1 4 UR Schoolâ?? event took place in the Van Buren Community Schoolâ??s parking lot. Dozens of people in the community stopped by to take a brand new Ford vehicle for a test drive. Ford and Fesler are donating $20 and up to $6,000 for each person who signed up to take a car for a spin. Van Buren Community Schools will be able to use that money for their activities.

â??The activities department tends to be one of the first places that funds get cut in tough economic times, and when I say activities department, it's athletics, drama, band and things of that nature, so it's a great way to generate some much needed revenue,â?? Brian Starnes Fesler, Auto Mall Owner said.

He also says no cars were allowed to be sold today, so no sales pressure was there to those who came out to test drive a car for a good cause.