Testimony concludes after Turner takes the stand

Kenneth Turner, 55

Testimony in the sexual abuse case against Ken Turner of Bloomfield came to an end Friday.

The 55-year-old Turner took the stand in his own defense.

Turner tried to convince jurors that he did not sexually abuse a 17-year-old boy who was living with him at his Bloomfield home.

Defense counsel, Curtis Dial, led Turner through the events of September 2013, from first meeting the boy at the Milton fall festival, until he was arrested days later.

On direct examination Turner acknowledged that he had examined the boy naked, discussed cleaning his genitals and even whipped him with a leather hog strap.

But according to Turner, all of this was consensual, even the whipping, and perfectly normal interactions between a 17-year-old boy and a 55-year-old man who can be best be described as a casual acquaintance of his family.

On the stand, he told jurors that the boy wanted to be subjected to a naked physical.

â??I didn't order him, I just said you know based on some questions you had earlier today do you mind, and he said he didnâ??t mind at all, he clearly consented,â?? said Turner.

Turner then faced a withering cross-examination by prosecutor Laura Roan, and when asked about the supposed full-body physical, Turner said he couldnâ??t recall how the boy ended up naked.

He seemed perplexed that Roan or anyone else would find his actions questionable.

Turner even seemed perplexed that Roan questioned him as to why he was in possession of a leather hog strap. He told the jury it was simply an item he had carried in his overnight bag for years.

From the testimony offered earlier in the trial, the boy in question is clearly troubled. In the days before going to live with Turner, he had seen his house burn down, his mother sent to jail and his grandmother kick him out of her home.

The defense has tried to portray Turner as a man who was a good citizen simply trying to help.

Judge Joel Yates dismissed court for the week just after noon Friday and will resume again on Tuesday when both parties will present their closing arguments to the jury.

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