Testimony continues in day two of Techel Trial

The second day of testimony in the murder trial of Agency man Seth Techel took the jurors to the scene of the crime on May 26th, 2012.

The defense continued its cross examination of Wapello County Sheriff's Deputy Marty Wonderlin, but Wonderlin did not spend much time on the stand.

Instead defense counsel Steve Garnder showed jurors the video taken from Wonderlin's patrol car that morning.

In the video Wonderlin is shown racing to the scene, arriving at the Techel home with other deputies walking the grounds with automatic weapons.

Techel himself then makes an appearance on the video, walking toward Wonderlin's squad car wearing only a pair of shorts. The audio on the tape is difficult to hear, but Techel can frequently be heard sobbing on the tape.

For the defense the key moment on the tape is the arrival of Lisa Techel's father, Todd Caldwell. Upon his arrival, Caldwell can be heard saying â??go get him,â?? a reference to Brian Tate.

The defense contends that Tate killed Lisa Techel, a conclusion they believe is supported by Caldwell's statement on the video.

The defense also hopes that jurors will take notice of the Techel's dog, who is a constant presence in the video. At no point during the nearly hour long video does the dog bark at any of the strangers who appear on the tape.

The defense hopes that the tape can offer an explanation as to why the Techel's dog did not alert them that a potential killer had entered their home.