Testimony continues in Turner trial

Kenneth Wayne Turner, 55


The trial of Ken Turner continued on Wednesday afternoon as Bloomfield Police Chief Shawn Armstrong gave his account of the night he responded to abuse allegations against Turner.

On the night of September 27th, 2013, Armstrong said he was approached by the girlfriend and friend of the victim at the Law Enforcement Center of Bloomfield.

They asked Armstrong to perform a welfare check on the victim at Turner's house on 405 West Locus Street in Bloomfield.

Armstrong--who said Turner was an acquaintance--went to the house and knocked on the door multiple times and received no answer.

He alerted the Davis County dispatch to call Turner's residence, and then the victim opened the door.

"As I was standing there knocking, I saw a shadow kind of behind a white curtain," said Armstrong. "And it sounded like a couple locks were going, so I stepped back a little bit. And then a juvenile came out of the front door."

Armstrong said the boy appeared frenzied and nervous telling the police chief to "get me out of here".

He told the officer Turner had been beating him and locking him in the basement.

Then Turner appeared in the driveway.

Armstrong then informed Turner he would be taking the boy to the Agency Juvenile Shelter.

Turner consented which Armstrong thought was strange because he said the defendant was usually argumentative.

Upon cross examination, the defense asked Armstrong if the victim told him Turner had sexually abused him--he said the boy did not mention it.

The trial will continue Thursday morning at 9 a.m. in the Keokuk Courthouse.


Testimony in the sexual abuse case of Ken Turner continues.

The 17-year-old male who is the alleged victim of the 55-year-old Turner was on the stand today in Sigourney to face cross examination.

Defense Attorney Curtis Dial spent nearly two hours, questioning the juvenile on inconsistencies between his testimony in court and what he said during a December 2013 deposition.

Dial's tone was hostile at some points, particularly when he asked the boy why he did not leave Turner's residence even though he apparently had opportunities to do so.

The victim, whose mother had just been sent to jail, and whose grandmother had kicked him out of her home, told Dial he had no place to go.

Dial responded by asking the boy why he didn't sleep on a park bench rather than allow Turner to continue to abuse him.

Next on the stand was Alicia Shafranek, described as the victimâ??s girl friend at the time.

She told jurors that she tried to see the boy at Turner's home on September 27th 2013, but was prevented from doing so by Turner. She then told the court that she went to the Bloomfield Police Station to report the situation, leading to Turner's arrest.

The state is expected to rest its case sometime Thursday.

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