Texting and driving don't mix

Just like drinking and driving don't mix, texting and driving don't mix either.

With all the technology today that is at your fingertips, literally, it is posing an even greater risk to new drivers who are just learning the ways of the road.

Add in talking or texting on the phone and it could be fatal.

â??I think that we're not born with a sense of mortality. That develops as we get older in life and so many young people don't feel that they can justify the peril of being injured or killed. And so I think that's the biggest danger we have with teens growing up,â?? said Curt Hanson, retired Drivers Education instructor.

Five seconds is the minimum amount of time your attention is taken away from the road when youâ??re texting and driving or the length of a football field if youâ??re traveling at 55 mph.

â??We have to be so aware that other people make mistakes and we have to be prepared for their mistakes. We call that defensive driving and that's something that has to be learned. It's not ingrained into our minds or our bodies,â?? said Hanson.

The time period Iowa has driving with restrictions has been influential in promoting safety which is called the Graduated Driverâ??s License.

â??Itâ??s much better than just throwing a beginner driver into the deep end of the pool and say 'now you're licensed, go for it.' So the graduated approach I think -- itâ??s proven statistically very, very much of an improvement over the old system that we had,â?? said Hanson.

So no matter what age you are, put down your cell phone, I-Pad, I-Pod or any electronic device; your life is worth more.

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