The 411 of Macon R-1

The Macon R-1 School District houses nearly 1,500 students. Superintendent Charles Stockton said although they have great facilities, the buildings are older and the district is working on ways to improve them.

"The same funds we use to provide for the classroom, are the same funds we use to keep our facilities going; so there's a real need for us to address that now rather than later so that we have a plan in place to expand our facilities to provide for small classroomsâ?¦ and to provide for more programs in our career center,â?? Stockton said.

Stockton said sometime in the near future the district will ask the community for financial support in the form of a bond to do some facility improvement. â??Particularly in our elementary,â?? Stockton said.

â??There's a lot of concern we've heard over the last year with security and safety.â??

The district recently hired nine new staff members and is focusing on providing more one-on-one learning with students.

"Weâ??ve got to continue to improve instruction to meet the challenge of the recently adopted Missouri learning standards,â?? he said.

â??And, to meet the needs of every child no matter where they're at in every classroom and that too takes resources. Some of those technology resources that will provide that individualize instruction ...that will continue to be a challenge for years to come as well; but I think that we're positioned to do those things and certainly itâ??s a topic of conversation with the Board of Education, with the staff and the administrators and one I think they're all up to addressing and are making plans to address as we move into the future.â??

One thing Superintendent Stockton said he is looking forward to is learning more about the community, staff, and students.

He said he recently met with a local business owner who has a real need for CNC Lathe Machine Operators and programmers.

â??Thereâ??s a potential that we can partner with them and provide at least persons through our Vocational Technical School that they can train,â?? he said.

â??And, they're even looking at a program where if they can identify kids who show that aptitude that show that potential, that they'll pay for them to go to secondary technical school. I think that's a great example of those partnerships as you learn more about the community, as you learn about businesses and you get to talking and they know more about you â?¦ it just provides tremendous growth.â??