The 411 on E-911

The Adair County Enhanced 911 Joint Services Board met Wednesday.

The Adair County Enhanced 911 Joint Services Board discussed a couple of new hires Wednesday. During the meeting, Adair County Central Dispatch Director Chris Killday said they were able to hire two new people last month.

â??We were short a full-time employee and that makes it very hard to do dispatch when we're down one whole person,â?? Killday said.â??Then I have another part-time worker that I hired, because my other two part-time workers have full time jobs; so they're not real flexible. And, with a third part-time worker she would have more flexibility to work during the week when the other two aren't.â??

Killday said they get an average of 1,500 calls to 911 a month and about 80% of those are from cell phones. According to Chris Killday, the E-911 service receives tax revenue generated by a fee charged to landline phones users.

Last year, a proposed bill to add a 911 use tax to cell phones did not pass. It has been put back on the table. Killday said it is important to pass it this time.

â??That would help a lot, because like I said about 80 percent of our phone calls come from cell phones and we get our taxes from our landline phones only, so it would be very beneficial,â?? she said.

Killday said Missouri is the only state that does not have a use tax for 911 services on cell phones. During the meeting Killday also discussed their MULES audit. She said they scored 84 out of 90, which is good, but Killday said she was not as pleased because they have done better in the past.

"It's the state system where we run a person drivers license, a license plate...if anybody has a criminal history that is the system we use,â?? Killday said. â??Every two years they come in and audit us to make sure we were compliant and we were compliant with it, so there's nothing that gave red flags.â??

Killday said if a department does not comply then the system can be taken away.