The 65th annual Pancake Day kicks off in Centerville

Pancake Day

Ready, Set, GO! prevailed as this year's theme at the 65th annual Pancake Day Festival, which is put on by the Centerville Chamber of Commerce.

"Pancakes are delicious," Sarah Sheets said.

"I don't get why we wanted rain all year, and the one day we don't want it, it happens in surplus, and that bugs me," her brother Steven Sheets said.

Regardless of the rain, thousands of people packed the Centerville Square for the highly anticipated parade, which kicked off Saturday afternoon.

"It's really fun; it's a different experience," John Gold,14, said.ã??

Gold and Malerie Thomas are here with Howard Jr. High's marching band.

"We both march in the marching band," Gold said, "and I play the trombone."

"And I play clarinet," Thomas said.

Participants included dancers, beauty queens, local law enforcement officials, various businesses and charities. Iowa State Rep. Larry Sheets also made an appearance in the parade after serving pancakes all morning for a third year in a row.

"Well I've already been soaked earlier this morning, so I'm not too worried about the rain," Sheets,R - 80th District, said. "This thing's got a roof to it, so I won't get wet as long as [the rain] comes straight down, maybe it won't haha."

His kids Steven and Sarah also took part in the parade with the Moulton-Udell Marching Band.

"I play the percussion snare drum, and she plays the trumpet," Steven said.

Organizers say it takes hundreds of residents and volunteers to make this all possible. Next year's event will take place the last Saturday of September.