The air conditioner won't waste gas in your car

For Tuesday's Facebook Story of The Day, our fans wanted to know how many miles per gallon you lose when you run the air conditioner in your car.

We went to Jim Robertson's Chevrolet and Toyota in Kirksville and learned your mileage will go down slightly while you have the air conditioning on to stay cool during this hot weather.

It's based on EPA testing in which they test the cars while they're going 70 miles per hour with the air conditioning on.

"Using the air conditioner in your vehicle is not a waste of fuel or waste of economy. At most it's going to lose you 2 to 3 miles a gallon," said Randy Cowan of Jim Robertson's Chevrolet and Toyota. "On a day like today when temperatures are hot near 100 degrees, turn it on."

Cowan also says having your windows down instead of having your air conditioner on will actually use more gas because of the change of air dynamics between the outside air and the air from inside your car.